You've set up, deployed and managed your advertising campaigns in lee Advertising and
Management. You entered all information about each campaign, be it Google AdWords, TV/Radio advertising or billboards. You're tracking every dollar spent, every trade show, social media and referral contact.
Now the phone rings, or a click through to your site creates a "more information" or callback request.
That's the plan - all good. But what's your current conversion rate on clicks and calls? How many become an admission, and what's your process for managing and following up on every single click and call for the best possible conversion rate into an admission?

Double Your Admission Rate

Studies have proven that effective lead management can more than double conversion. That's right, DOUBLE the conversion. It's likely that your current conversion rate is about five admissions per 100 calls, and your advertising spend is $100 per call. In that case, 100 calls at $100 each is $10,000, with only five conversions. That's $2,000 per admission. will help you increase conversion through effective lead management technology and process enhancements. 
That means you could increase your conversion/admission rate from, say, 5 per hundred calls to 10 per hundred. You can do the's huge.
leeRCM was written specifically in Addiction Treatment, for Addiction Treatment, so there's no superfluous material or steps like you find in off-the-shelf CRMs. Those large, commercial CRMs must work everywhere, so they offer a 55-gallon drum full of functionality when you only need ten amazing gallons. leeRCM gives you the easiest to use, most effective and powerful Addiction Treatment CRM that works.
We're a powerful lead management tool to help you produce better results from all your client contacts regardless of source including web, social media, personal referral (through staff or referrals), as well as traditional advertising like TV/Radio, billboard or bus bench. Plus, leeRCM is a single integrated set of modules so referrals or returns generated through lee's Aftercare, Outcomes measures, and telemedicine modules are tracked and managed as well.

Agile Development, Deep Experience:

Our CRM and Call Center Management pedigree has roots of experience in call centers large and small. But we customized the process needed in your facility through Agile Development in actual treatment facilities with call centers ranging from 4 to 46 agents.

Our industrial-strength treatment Center CRM features exactly what you need, including:

leeRCM Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Complete lead and contact management source tracking:
    Source code tracking for advertising effectiveness analysis.
    Social media integration/track campaigns and pick up photos for referral / lead profiles
    Web and AdWords integration and tracking
    Phone number called-in tracking for Radio/TV/Billboards, etc., allowing you to track
    which campaigns generate phone calls and conversions through to financial ROI
Messaging app generates individualized email campaigns and leads for increased conversion, travel, assessment communications and more.
Integration with 3rd Party Email Management Software for larger email campaigns such as educational, spiritual or other messaging to leads and graduates.
Integration with outbound phone dialers and texting systems, enabling your team members to follow up more easily and effectively.
Integration with phone systems for ANI (Automatic Number Identification) to identify callers based on their phone number - then opens the caller's prior file on the agent's PC when the call comes in. Populates inbound calling number automatically into a new file if no history is found.
Complete Call Center Management functions for facilities with multiple agents, including:
Call management; directing calls to existing or prior agent who had contact with the call through ANI
Follow up reminders by date, days, events; gives agents or admissions (even clinical staff in the event of pre-assessment or UA events needing attention; reminders for any follow up event required.
Friendly but powerful reports you can create and run without IT staff. Our reporting Suite will make any data analyst jealous.
Referral Management with Referral by Agency and referrer (person) which allows six levels of tracking. If the actual referrer changes agency, the original agency continues to receive tracking credit for the referral, as well as the referrer (person) who may be at a second, third or sixth facility with continuous tracking of referrals:
    Email follow up system for continuous communications with any or all referrers to
    optimize top-of-mind presence with all of your referrers
    Easy referral reporting - any time.
Referrer login rights so a case manager, referrer or interventionist can check on their referred patients
    Integration with LinkedIn to pull photos of referred partners, post into your    "Facility Groups," and other social media activity to engage more referral    attention.
Integration with your EMR including off-the-shelf integration with KIPU EMR for:
    Pre-Admission assessments  
    Pre-Admission U/A or Drugs of Use Hair Drug Testing
    MMPI Personality Tests
    By administering pre-admission assessments or drug tests, your staff will have more
    information to base clinical UR need as well as treatment plans and other treatment
    activities before an admission is ever made in your EMR.
Integration with leeRCM, VOBGetter, and leeUR modules to help speed qualified leads through VOB and UR functions quickly
Industrial-strength analytics through our relational reports generator which you quickly and easily generate reports on any and all data fields anywhere in the lifecycle
Generates a face sheet in your EMR with KIPU EMR for faster admission with no re-typing of information from your CRM to your EMR. Transfers all pre-admission documents, including any guardian payment guarantees, financial responsibility and comments collected in leeRCM
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*Results are Typical, your results may vary.

Monthly Pipeline,

Right Meow Treatment

Total Website Visits


Click Through Home Page


Info Requests (Web/Social Media)


Phone Calls IN


Phone Calls OUT To Requests

Qualified Leads (Follow up Cycle)

Waiting for Insurance

Waiting for Intervention     25

Waiting for Family     20

VOBGetter Ordered     40

VOBGetter Approved     50

Pre-Assessment UA     30

Pre-Assessment Other  30

Book Travel  60

En Route     50

Assign to EMR       127

Admission to

EMR Including


Completely customizable status buckets, for example, add a bucket for referrals or social media in a few seconds, and start tracking. Add customized follow up reminders.
Your leads progress through Status Buckets, much like a pipeline funnel.
As leads are moved from Status levels, you can track every interaction, with notifications and reminders, email engagement campaigns, even social media engagement.
More leads progress through to admission with leeCRM.

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