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Reporting Tool


Advertising Management and Analytics

As an Addiction Treatment facility, advertising is likely your single largest income statement expense after personell. Yet for so many facilities, their advertising management and analysis system is limited to a spreadsheet and a prayer. Learn how LeeRCM can help your treatment center manage advertising and analytics.


Full-Strength CRM and Call Center Manager. You've set up, deployed and managed your advertising campaigns in lee Advertising and Management. You entered all information about each campaign, be it Google AdWords, TV/Radio advertising or billboards. You're tracking every dollar spent, every trade show, social media and referral contact. Learn more about LeeRCM's powerful CRM system.


Introducing VOB Getter a powerful on-demand, instant verification of benefit availability and daily monitoring is here.  We're excited to announce the launch of a new Kipu Add-In for Advanced VOB technology, called VOBGetter, developed by leeRCM. It's INSTANT, on-demand, coverage verification by polling multiple databases & payors, 24/7/365. Results are placed directly into Kipu patient files!
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LeeRCM is a KIPU Gold Certified Trusted Partner. In addition to our QuickBooks Online interface, we're proud to be a KIPU Gold Certified Trusted Partner. This is the highest level of interface that KIPU makes available. Far beyond an "API," it essentially means that KIPU and leeRCM have a trusted relationship covering all of your data. Not just the face sheet and a few selected items, but every bit of your data - the entire data set, in both KIPU EMR and the LeeRCM Stack. Click to learn more.

3D Reporting Tool

You’ve heard it said over and over that "Data is Power." At leeRCM, we subscribe to that maxim with a twist: Making Data Easy to Gather, Easy to Present and Easy to Interpret Is Power! That's Business Intelligence! Click to learn more!

Billings and Collections Manager

Our Agile Developers worked hand in hand with Addiction Treatment Billers and the result work, for you! read more!

Outcome and Aftercare

Our outcomes measure system includes call center services to keep a pulse on your projects and send red alerts when likelyhood of relapse is around. read more!

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Concur UR Manager™ is a full featured UR management tool giving you unprecedented control of every financial aspect of the entire patients treatment episode from the first UR / Admission call to and through aftercare. It all starts with Utilization Review and you know that better UR means better billing and collection. Start with Concur UR Manager™ for smarter billing and collection. Click to learn more.