LeeRCM is a KIPU Gold Certified Trusted Partner

In addition to our QuickBooks Online interface, we're proud to be a KIPU Gold Certified Trusted Partner. This is the highest level of interface that KIPU makes available. Far beyond an "API," it essentially means that KIPU and leeRCM have a trusted relationship covering all of your data. Not just the face sheet and a few selected items, but every bit of your data - the entire data set, in both KIPU EMR and the LeeRCM Stack.
When you work in the leeRCM Stack, you're completely integrated with your KIPU data, whether it be the VOBGetter and CONCUR UR module, CRM, Billing, even reporting. Our trusted connection lets us read and write essentially everywhere in the KIPU EMR. We also build a data warehouse containing ALL of your KIPU data so your ad-hoc reports can access every data point in the KIPU EMR PLUS all data in each leeRCM module.
Here are a few of the functions that are available as a result of our trusted partner status in the KIPU EMR.
Manage Leads
Manage leads and referrals in the leeRCM, perform VOB and travel planning, then export all patient data needed to populate the KIPU face sheet to allow the facility to complete patient admission in the KIPU EMR.
  • VOB + UR
    During the VOB process, you can work in the VOBGetter or in KIPU with all data available in either system. However, the lee VOBGetter system offers first level, 24-hour instant electronic verification of benefits, as well as monitoring of your entire census in KIPU for possible lapse of coverage.
    Meet new insurance requirements of collecting patient due deductibles and by generating patient and guardian payment guarantees and promissory notes in the leeRCM VOB portal that are signed and recorded in Kipu at admission.
  • Pre-Admission Assessment
    In addition to the KIPU assessment tools, leeRCM automates many pre-admission assessment tools and even allows your physician to order a pre-admission Drugs of Use urine screen or segmented Hair Drugs of use test which will run through the KIPU lab interface. This allows you to pre-screen possible patients for VOB and UR without an actual admission in the KIPU system.
  • Signature + Fingerprint Functionality
    LeeRCM supports the same signature functions and scanners as Kipu and signatures are interoperable between leeRMC and Kipu EMR.
    Once you admit a patient, the UR reminders function in our Concur UR Manager, with continuous updating of UR status in the KIPU EMR. UR is managed in Concur with your UR personel pulling clinical information from KIPU EMR through lee's trusted login to KIPU. Click on the patient link in leeUR and the patient file opens in KIPU. A two-screen desktop or laptop, plus a second screen is an optimal setup for your UR personel where KIPU is in one screen and leeUR is in the second. Remember that if you have multiple UR personel, the Autodialer in leeRCM will give preference to the same personel assignment to specific insurance companies to familiarize each UR person with specific insurance companies, and often, the same agents.
  • Complete Integration into your EMR
    After admission, the clinical process intergration is managed completely in KIPU EMR. There, you mark items as billable by checking a box. For example, you check group sessions, individual sessions, detox days, even UDT (urine drug testing) activities. The check box will display RED in KIPU until billed, at which time lee Billing will switch the check box to GREEN. This simple control is an example of how deep the trusted relationship between leeRM and KIPU goes, and even gives you checks and balances that events are billed. The lee Reporting function lets you run a report of "unbilled" items which can also be run in KIPU for internal audits, for example.
    In the lee Aftercare and Outcomes Module, you get a complete history from KIPU EMR for outcomes measurement, aftercare, and telemedicine. lee also offers call center and outcomes measure service.
Relational 3D Reporting

Last, but certainly not a completion of this short list of functions, is our powerful 3D Reporting tool, it can generate custom, relational reports, including ALL data in the lee Stack of modules, AND ALL data in the KIPU EMR including financial, advertising, and clinical data in a single report. Just click fields from our 3D Cube, generate the report, edit, add graphs and save. Then run as often as you like. Built for power, but ultimately simple to use. You don't need a CPA or MBA to use our reporting tool.
Cloud-Based Private Network
leeRCM builds a Data Warehouse for all of
your KIPU EMR and leeRCM data.

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