You don't need an MBA or PHD to Create, Save and run relational reports across every data field
in both leeRCM and your EMR (Kipu and others). Here's how we do it:
  • We built a data warehouse, a real time depository for every field of data in the entire
    leeRCM stack as well as Kipu EMR and your QuickBooks plus other add-ins like
    ASAM criteria, Wiley Golden Thread, Lab Interface Databases and coming soon,
    other (Non Kipu) EMR's.

  • Next, we built an intuitive and easy to use interface that lets you click on any field in
    the data warehouse, spanning every source of data. As you click, the report is being
    built. Simply drag and drop fields as they appear to show where you want them
    in the report (rows vs. columns and order of data) with up to unlimited levels and
    sub-levels of data.
Then run the report and see if you like it. Go back to the report creator to add, subtract, or
re-order the fields when you're happy. Simply name and save the report. Now you or a staff member can run that report any time. Want to add
graphs - no problem, export to Excel or go back and "save as" the report, re-arrange the data...for faster, easier graphing in excel and there you have it.
You simply pick a data range, (or Life of Campaign), then click on each of the above fields in the report generator and voila, your report.
In the above example, data is extracted from a number of servers, then into the LeeRCM data warehouse but you don't need to know or care:
  • Advertising Management and Analysis
  • Kipu EMR for Days Service (by Level of Care)
  • Billing Data
  • Collection Data
  • Aftercare Data
  • Quicken Financials
Then it's all assembled, calculations are added and you've got a simple report. Remember you can make it as complex as you like, for example, go back and add data by insurance payor - no problem. Calculate lifetime revenue by adword - no problem, by zip code, state or country - no problem, by therapist or team - no problem. How about UR days by therapist or team, again no problem.
Reports Library
Sometimes it helps get your creative juices flowing by starting with an existing report. Use it as is, or modify if needed. Starting with our library forms also shortcuts training. You'll see how intuitive the pre-built reports are and modify them all in your first hour of use.
leeRCM includes over 100 standard reports for you to get started, and we're adding more every day. Plus, if you want to contribute a report, let us know and if accepted, you'll get a $100 Amazon Gift Card.
It's the Future
The ability to track data like this is especially needed in todays environment where big changes are coming in Billing,
competition, and the requirement that you not only measure outcomes but produce outcome measures equal to or better
than the minimum requirement to stay credentialed by insurance companies.
All these changes will drive your profitability down without easily accessible Business Intelligence and Analytics. For the
first time ever in health care, LeeRCM offers a complete reporting tool that starts with advertising management and lead
tracking, and ends far after billing and collections -- It carries your ability to generate meaningful data well into outcome measures and into aftercare and telemedicine.
The future is bright, but it's well known that providers need to take 20-30% out of their cost to retain profitability levels they are accustomed to. leeRCM with 3D relational reporting will give you the data you need to be more productive.
We call it "Business Intelligence", you'll call it "Brilliant"



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Data Is Power

You've heard it said over and over that" Data is Power." At leeRCM, we subscribe to that maxim with a twist: Making Data Easy to Gather, Easy to Present and Easy to Interpret Is Power! That's Business Intelligence!

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