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Concur UR Manager provides you with:
  • Complete VOB History:
    • The entire financial interaction for insurance pay patients start with leeRCM's VOBGetter™, so that the initial UR file is already populated with all pertinent information including
      • Patient demographic information
      • Insurance payor information
      • All contact information and phone numbers for auto dial of payor for speedier UR processing and increased productivity of your (internal or external) UR staff
      • Payor phone number for auto dialing using our phone interface.
  • Complete Calendar for all UR Activities
    • Our calendar is automatically populated from your UR Review form directly into the
      calendar. Visual History shows days approved by level of care with customizable
      color coding for historical and future UR requirements. Click on any calendar entry to 
      drill down to the UR Review notes to quickly familarize yourself with details of the last
      UR Review, agents, spoken to, etc.

  • Built-In Notifications
    • Set your user login information for detailed notifications the way you want them.
      For example use email, text message, or messaging / notifications in your EMR for
      notices of days left, days till next review, action item requirements, even urgent
      management notifications when days left become critical.

  • EMR Friendly
    • Concur is EMR friendly and a Kipu EMR trusted database partner.
               In a two screen setup,  Concur lets your UR agent click on the calendar
               of any needed UR review to open the Kipu EMR file for that patient.
               This saves time and makes the agent's job so much more
               productive. With the EMR file and patient on one screen and Concur
               on the other screen, your agent will be able to speak more intelligently
               to the payor to authorize more days needed by your patient.
  • Predictive UR™
    • Concur starts with a summary history of your patients UR. You can then drill down for detail on that patient. Want more? See all UR for that payor by level of care with drill down detail. Want more, Concur UR Manager will give your agent a predictive UR Report using artificial intelligence and Concur's entire history of interaction with that payor by level of care. Concur will give you high, low, and average history with a predictive index based on all history.

      This gives your UR review substance within knowledge of that payor's history, our unqiue artificial intelligence predictive engine will guide you to better business analytics before you even make the first UR call. Using your past billing/collection UR experience and our vast universe of deidentified UR/Billing/Collections data, which can even be presented geographically; we predict the outcome to help you negotiate and or make decisions that result in the best possible patient care.

      Here are just a few examples of business analytics we present to help you rate policies and obtain the best UR for patient care.

      Average days authorized by policy/level of care: an important factor in any VOB decision is for providers to be able to have an expectation, on average, of what they can expect in terms of total number of days they should have authorized based on previous authorizations for that payor. CONCUR provides the ability to compare policies and average authorizations, along with the designation of an estimated insurance value score, so policies can be placed on a scale and be judged utilizing all available factors.

      Our unqiue "estimated insurance value score" utilizes a set of pre-determined metrics and attaches a tangible score value to each policy being reviewed. This benefit allows a true transparent indication of whether the policy should be accepted or what risks or positives it provides, so that you can worry about maximum patient care. The value score might recommend patient/guardian guarantees, payment plan/promissory notes and other business decisions taken at admissions to insure payment.

      Collection percentage alone should never be used to calculate the value of a payor/policy. Several metrics are utilized to make a determination and strength of a policy.
      Metrics such as:
      • TIME TO COLLECT: CONCUR predicts how quickly policies are paying for services based on your history and or our universe of de-identified data.
      • Average Percentage of Billed Rate Reimbursement By CPT Code: CONCUR predicts on average, what percent of the billed rate for each service is being paid, again based on your history or our universe of de-identified data.

      CONCUR accumulates these and multiple more metrics by predicting the value of each payor and assigning a value score, allows you to forecast future revenue giving you the unprecedented ability to make better business decisions, for better patient care.
  • 3D Reporting
    • All leeRCM modules connect with each for true 3D relational reporting
              from the  first phone call to the last aftercare contact. Report on any mix
              of available fields including data from your EMR.

  • Biller Friendly
    • Concur UR Manager is built to work with outside billers as well as in house UR departments. You can use Concur UR Manager yourself, or give your biller login permission to access Concur UR Manager. Your biller may elect to use Lee's VOBGetter instant VOB service with or without phone confirmation and VOBGetter insurance  monitoring service. They may otherwise perform their own VOB and use Lee's VOB and UR platform for your program with all features like auto-dial, preferred agent (assign the same payor to the same agent so that agents become specialized in the same payor), predictive UR, and more.
Concur UR Manager™ is a full featured UR management tool giving you unprecidented control of every financial aspect of the entire patients treatment episode from the first UR / Admission call to and through aftercare.
It all starts with Utilization Review and you know that better UR means better billing and collection. Start with Concur UR Manager for smarter billing and collection.

Manage UR days approved and remaining

Set notifications reminders for UR review needed by email and or text message

Tell us your biller and we'll be sure they are trained on Concur UR Manager.
*Does not imply participation or endorsement by Billers

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